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The Experts in Tattoos and Piercings in Port Hueneme, CA

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Get inked at our tattoo shop in Port Hueneme, California, that also offers body piercings and cover-up tattoos. Whether it's your first time going under the gun, or you're simply adding to your body showcase, our tattoo studio is fully equipped to make your tattoo dreams a reality.

A Passion for Ink

There's no mistaking it – we love ink. Whether you need a new design, a touch-up, or a cover-up, we have the expertise to match your taste, personality, and desires. The tattoos and service we offer include:
• Tribal Art
• After-Care Kits
• Traditional Tattoos
• Wild Designs
• Follow-up Visits
• Custom Tattoos
• Celtic Designs
• Any Color Tattoos
• Black & White Tattoos
An example of cover-up tattoos in Santa Paula, CA
An example of cover-up tattoos in Santa Paula, CA
An example of cover-up tattoos in Santa Paula, CA

Benefits of Our Shop

• OSHA Codes Followed
• Clean & Sterile Environment
• State-of-the-Art Equipment
• New Needles & Ink for Each Customer
• Board of Health Approved
Prayer Hands - Tattoo & Body Piercing in Port Hueneme, CA
Tiger Tattoos - Tattoo & Body Piercing in Port Hueneme, CA
Heart & Flower - Tattoo - Tattoo & Body Piercing in Port Hueneme, CA

Fix-ups & Cover-ups

Fix-ups & Cover-ups Oftentimes Jimi, our tattoo artist, has to do cover-ups for a change of plans or of heart. Whatever the case may be, Jimi can cover it up with something you will like. Jimi also specializes in black and gray while offering great shading and shadow effects.
The strangest tattoo Jimi claims to have done is a portrait of infamous amateur divorce specialist O.J. Simpson on some guy's arm. Whatever tattoo you want, Jimi says he has seen it all.

Body Piercings in Port Hueneme, Ca.

Body Piercings

Jimi's Tattoo & Body Piercing has a fine selection of quality custom body jewelry. We provide this service in complete privacy and use quality stainless or gold body jewelry.

Piecing for the entire body:

• Ear
• Surface Piercing
• Belly
• Tragus
• Tongue
• Eye Brow
• Nose
• Industrial
• Lip
• Genital Piercing
Schedule an appointment in Port Hueneme, California, with our talented tattoo artist Jim Fiore Angelo and Greg Angelo for colorful tats that attract attention.