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Featured Article in Tattoo Savage Magazine, November 2002

The first impression of this Port Hueneme, California, tattoo shop would have you believing that, at the very least, ten tattoo artists must work here by the size of its waiting room. It's lined with at least fifteen seats. You can tell this place means business!
You and "all" of your friends will experience nothing but well organized, clean comfort while you await your turn. Always being greeted at the door by one of the two assistants, Greg Angelo or Mike Wenderski. Both are very willing to help you decide on which tattoo you want. Maybe it's one you brought in, or perhaps an idea you have that Jimi's main artist Gavin Morgan will gladly draw up for you. Everything from Celtic, native, tribal, skulls, faces, fairies, color or B&W. Anything you want.
Tattoo Artists - Tattoo & Body Piercing in Port Hueneme, CA
After all the paperwork is signed you are then turned over to the owner, and the only one slingin' ink, Jim Fiore Angelo, born in Windber, Pennsylvania. Jimi credits Jerry Riegger for getting him started in '74 when he opened his first shop in Louisiana. After ten straight years of tattooing in Louisiana, Jimi then moved his business of tattooing to Port Hueneme where his shop has been doing business for the past eighteen years. Jimi states, "I have tattooed thousands of clients in my twenty-eight years of tattooing."
Because his shop is so close to Port Hueneme Naval Base he gets a large number of military personnel in the shop wanting something new. They also get their fair share of truck drivers stopping by wanting some ink. Of course any gen. X or Y new-school need will be gladly done as well. Jimi's Tattoos is right on the beautiful coast and conveniently located off of the 101 freeway.
Assistant Mike wears plenty of ink, from ear to toe, literally. Jimi, on the other hand, has kept his personal ink collection to a minimum, wearing a beautiful woman on one arm and a guitar on the other. Playing guitar has been a hobby of his for years. Jimi has played many gigs, with many famous people.
Once you're inked up and ready to go, Greg or Mike won't let you out the door until proper care instructions have been given and a follow up visit offered. You're then free to take your care kit and show off your new Ink. After such an intense experience, many folks then go next door to get some excellent Mexican food and a cocktail.
So if you're ever traveling the beautiful coastline just north of Los Angeles, take a stop by Jimi's place and get yourself some Ink!
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